James is a practitioner of Structural Integration, based on the work of Ida P. Rolf.  His style involves firm contact focusing on the connective tissue, combined with active client participation through breath and movement.  Sessions involve postural analysis and reeducation. 

He completed his initial training, in 2005, with Lee Joseph at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork on Kauai, Hawaii.  He is a practitioner with the Guild for Structural Integration, trained by Emmett Hutchins and Amber Burnham.

James offers sessions of Structural Integration.  This treatment modality releases tension and adhesions resulting from injury, repetitive motion, and postural holding patterns.  The goal of Structural Integration is to create a balanced body within the field of gravity. 

His interest in bodywork began while recovering from a serious skiing accident almost 20 years ago.  Through his own journey of recovery and continued health maintenance, he has gathered tools that positively influence his daily routine and perspective on life.

James gains inspiration from meditation, yoga, martial arts, nature, reading, writing, theater, music, continuing education, and being an uncle.

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